Five Traits of Organisational Success.

Our research has shown that five key traits lie at the heart of organisational success. Easily remembered by the acronym PEARL, these traits are: Purpose; Ecosystems; Adaptability; Real Empowerment; and Leadership.

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Connective Organisations

Our extensive global research into what it takes for an organisation to succeed shows that five key traits will collectively help to build the successful organisation of the future: the 'connective organisation'. 


Explored in depth in our report on the topic, the five game-changing attributes can be easily remembered by the acronym PEARL Read moreless...


All activities and people are directed by and find meaning in a purpose that goes beyond financial performance to create a positive impact on the world and purposeful advantage for the organisation.


The organisation has open ecosystems. It is a seamless network of highly autonomous, interdependent units that increasingly includes customers, suppliers, communities and a flexible workforce. It challenges traditional notions of hierarchy and the idea that the organisation is a self-contained entity.


The organisation seeks, anticipates and welcomes change, embracing a state of ongoing flux as the ‘new normal’. As the pace of 21st century change accelerates, the organisation employs ways of working that proactively anticipate potential adjustments, ensuring its flexibility and nimbleness to adapt at pace.

Real empowerment

The organisation carefully manages authority, decision-making and autonomy to bring the best out of each member, fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship.


Leaders are ‘connective leaders’, acting as catalysts and conductors, facilitating connections and creating a diverse environment where people can be inspired and authentic, and where change and people can flourish.


Once you've signed into our Organomyx benchmarking tool, you'll be taken through a quick assessment - it should take about 10 minutes to complete. The questions are designed to explore how you believe your organisation is doing in terms of purpose, ecosystems, adaptability, real empowerment and leadership

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How ‘connective’ is your organisation?

In our Connective Organisations research, we look at these traits in combination with one another – rather than putting forward a “silver bullet” for success. We invite you to read our report on the subject – or, better still, have a chat with us – and consider how evolved your organisation is in each of the five characteristics.

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To understand what you need to do to design and develop your organisation for success, it’s important to understand where you are today. Our flexible, mobile benchmarking tool can help you do that by assessing where your organisation is against our five connective organisation traits and where you have the biggest gaps.
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